Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TV Talk

I first told you about our old school TV, here. Well, guess what? Our old school TV is on its way out. (It was fine until I blogged about it!) When you first turn on the set the picture skips until it warms up. My husband has been looking on the internets for flat screen televisions. It will be the first time either of us has had to purchase a TV; we've always had hand-me-downs televisions. Since he's eyeing TV's, I took him to Rob & Stucky this weekend to look at furniture.

Okay, well maybe that wasn't the most exciting paragraph I've written. To keep the party moving I'll throw in this little TV story: my parents live in my hometown and they never lock the doors to their home. Why should they? Their house is "in town" and a few blocks away from the police chief's house and it's pretty close to the police station too. Plus, they live next door to my retired grandparents who are home, mostly. And with the dogs, the cleaning lady, and my dad coming home for lunch it's safe to not lock the doors. (Or so it was thought.) They now lock their doors- all of them- because a burglar walked in and took two flat screen TV's and two watches about a week ago.

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