Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kindle vs. Nook

For Christmas 2008 my father got my mother (my bookworm mom) the first generation Kindle. For Christmas 2009 my father got my mother (my now addicted to new technology mom) the Nook. After one month of the Nook. My mother's official opinion is in...

She thinks the first generation Kindle was better than the first generation Nook. Her two main problems with the Nook is 1) unlike the Kindle you cannot turn off the wireless feature on the Nook which means the battery does not last. When the battery runs out on the Nook you lose your place in the book, which means you have to click through all the previously read pages to find your current page. Think about books with hundreds of pages and this becomes a real annoyance. Also, 2) the first generation Nook takes a few moments longer to turn the page when compared to the first generation Kindle. Again think about reading the end of an exciting page and then: wait for it...wait for it...okay the new page is now displayed. These are more annoyances than real technical issues, but she shouldn't be annoyed when using her new technology.

My mother has sent some emails to the Nook people telling them to get it together. Maybe they will. Otherwise, I think my father will be buying my mother a new Kindle for Christmas 2010.

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