Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keystone 2010

  • 8 friends spending 3 days and 4 nights in a rented luxury house close to the ski slopes was a fantastic way to spend the MLK Jr. holiday weekend
  • We have very few gay friends. We were the only homos on this trip. (Not counting the one time one of the girls made-out with another girl at a bar!)
  • This recession makes vacations more affordable because everything seems to be deeply discounted: $500 per person got us our ski passes, ski rentals, and 4 nights in a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom new-construction house. (They're renting it because they can't sell it.)
  • The best money we spent was on private ski lessons for myself and a friend. I hadn't skied in 13 years, and the lessons were extremely beneficial. My coach was in his 60's and he had been teaching for over 20 years. He wasn't there to build up my self esteem he was there to teach me how to ski correctly. (He was all business and no fluff.) I knew I would be good when my coach told me that there is no testosterone required for skiing; it's an estrogen sport. Skiing requires graceful movements of the body to make the skis work for you. He said you never force a move when skiing.
  • My ski coach had to keep telling me to STOP sticking my butt out. (Insert gay joke here.)
  • My husband kept checking on us during the day (in between his double black diamond runs) and towards the end of the day my ski coach and I had the following conversation: Ski coach: "Are you two college buddies?" Me: "We met in college, but he's my husband." Ski coach: "He's your what?" Me: "He's my husband." Ski coach: *silence*
  • I'm not going to lie, I dominated the green slopes.
  • I'm thinking about trying out for the Vancouver Olympics in a few weeks.
  • Reason No. 1,639,854 that I have the greatest husband ever to have walked this earth: On day two and day three he spent half the day skiing the green runs with me, because he said he'd rather be with me.
  • On the last day my husband got into trouble from the "Sno Po" for skiing too fast on my greens.
  • You would not believe how amazing my husband is on skies. He flies over the snow.
  • I crashed any time I tried to read the signs and ski at the same time.
  • The biggest difference between now and the last time I skied 13 years ago: there are some serious fashion statements being made on the mountain. Ski clothes have gotten very trendy.
  • I only saw maybe three black people the entire weekend
  • I only saw two Indian people the entire weekend
  • Why is skiing a white person sport?
  • I could watch young children in ski school all day long. They are too funny.
  • We watched The Hangover one night at the house; we also saw two wild wolves one morning (the locals claim we didn't see wolves we saw coyotes, but they were wolves damnit!).
  • We were a wolf pack of 8 the rest of the trip
  • Skiing isn't much of a vacation, the way I define a vacation, because we woke up early skied all day, came back to the place tired as hell, went to bed early, and then did it again the next day. It's more like a work-out than a vacation, but it's also a lot of fun.
  • Skiing is expensive. I have to get more use out of my ski clothes.
  • Whomever invented smart wool socks: I love you!
  • Every night we had family dinners around the dinning room table. We muted the TV and just talked while we ate our meals. It was a lot of fun.
  • I'm so behind in work.
  • My husband flew back on Tuesday with me, and then he flew out on Wednesday for work. (That's just our life!)
  • I can't wait to go skiing again.

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