Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spell Check

Yesterday it was my turn to get a new computer at work. My new computer is much faster and it's loaded with the latest version of Microsoft Office. I like it. However, I forgot to set my email preferences where ALL outgoing emails are spell checked before they are sent out. (Sigh) For those of you who don't know I cannot spell simple words. I'm smart. I'm well educated. I just can't spell words. (My father and mother created a cheer when I was in grade school so I could remember how to spell my middle name.)

On my new faster and updated machine I sent an email to an external CFO and CC'ed my boss (our CFO) and then I went into a live meeting. In the middle of the meeting I FREAKED out because I realized that the default settings DOES NOT check spelling before emails are sent out. It would not have been the first time my intelligence came into question at work: I sent a very important email that used the word "manger" instead of "manager" and when I was told to fix the mistake I couldn't find what was wrong with the email; all my words were spelled correctly!

I freaked out. I got up. I walked out of the meeting and rushed to my desk. I was scared. First, I checked the box so that all my emails are spell checked. Next, I went to my sent items and pulled a copy of the very important email...and I checked the spelling...and...

ALL my words were spelled correctly in the very important email!!!! I was so happy I wanted to do a cartwheel back to my meeting.

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