Sunday, January 10, 2010

Toboggan vs. Toboggan

It has been cold in Texas. Our lows have been in the teens. (Burr.) We're wearing winter stuff we're not used to wearing to work in Texas. Someone in our office asked what we call the above pictured item. The Southerners said toboggan; the non-Southerners said hat, beanie, skull cap, etc. HOWEVER, the non-Southerners proclaimed us to be stupid, since a toboggan is a sled not a hat. (Damn Yankee arrogance.)

A funny story was told by one of our directors; he moved from the North to Texas when he was in first grade. In Texas, his first grade teacher told the class it would be cold during their field trip so she told the class to be sure and bring your coat and toboggan tomorrow. He was so excited because the thought they were going sledding for their field trip. He was disappointed when his mother had to explain that in Texas when people say toboggan they mean winter hat.

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