Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sun Still Came Up Today.

One thing my father taught me: After a night of defeat/devastation/disappointment do not worry because the sun will always rise the next morning. It's a new day. Life goes on...

So the UT game last night did not go the way we all had hoped. We are not the college football champions this year.

Today I got more sympathy than harassment from the anti-UT individuals in my office. They all "felt sorry" for us. I am not a huge college football fan, but I will be disowned if I don't stay current with UT football. I am not a die-hard college football fan, and I couldn't handle the game after they said Colt would not return to the game. I went to our television-free bedroom and listened to my husband's hoots and hollers to predict the outcome of the game. My husband was silent when he entered the bedroom last night; he then said we had lost the game.

I have avoided calling my brother and my mother since the game last night, because I know they are probably both still crying on their living room floors. I hope my father and sister-in-law answer when I call their houses tonight.

Today is a new day.

Hook 'em Horns!

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