Saturday, September 26, 2009

Owen at the Park

This is a photo of Owen- my husband's sister's baby boy- enjoying the neighborhood park. He is gorgeous. I love his near white hair, his blond skin, his smart eyes, and those cute little curls.

Both my brother and my husband's sister have beautiful children; sometimes I daydream about the impossible- what if we could have a baby genetically ours? (Yes, I feel like a silly 14-old girl when I daydream about making babies with my love, but just go with it...) If we could have a baby genetically ours, then what would they look like? Would they come out blond and blue eyed like my husband? Or would they have dark hair and hazel eyes like me? Would they enjoy math and science like my husband? Or would they be worthless and dyslexic like me? Ha. If I could pick- I'd want to have a little version of my husband in this world with a touch of me in the mix.

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