Sunday, September 13, 2009

Homos in Heaven?

These billboards have appeared around Dallas; I almost had a wreck on I-30 when I first discovered the billboard. They are sponsored by a group of local churches. Click Here to learn more about the ad campaign. Is this blasphemy? I was taught that God is love, but it's an abomination for two men to love each other; God loves everyone but homos was my Sunday school takeaway.

We're homos. We're already planning on going to hell. In fact, as soon as we get to hell all the homos are supposed to head west where we'll have one (hot) kick-ass party. I've always said that if hell exist, then wouldn't that be more fun than heaven?

Also, I just read this essay Man vs. God in the WSJ. It's a very interesting read. I enjoy intelligent discussions. It expands my mind. Read it.

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