Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Relatively Rich

Today as I was walking through downtown I passed a parked Bentley Continental Supersports. I stopped to appreciate the automobile, because Bentley makes the most attractive two-door car. It's incredible. I enjoy the curves of that machine. There was a brief period in the late 1990's when I in my youth lusted after the Buick Riviera, but they haven't made a Riviera in over a decade, and I am no longer in my youth. My taste evolved.

Anyway, as I was walking through downtown and enjoying the weather and someone else's parked Bentley I thought: it must be nice to be rich. Flashback to last Saturday at the Texas State Fair, where I was setting off the metal detector wand; I informed the security guard (read: young man) that I had my iPhone in my pocket and it must be setting off the metal detector. He said to me; "You've got an iPhone? Man, you must be rich."

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