Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dallas Pride

This past weekend was gay pride in Dallas. The husband and I celebrated by attending the Sordid Comedy Affair on Saturday night at the historic Majestic Theater. I got my picture taken with Caroline Rhea. She was extremely funny and very busty- I couldn't stop looking at her boobs- they sagged just enough to verify that were a real pair. Rue McClanahan (the friskiest Golden Girl) told three funny stories at the event, but the comedy genius of the night was Leslie Jordan- he slayed the audience like no one else.

On Sunday afternoon we went to the parade. I do enjoy a good parade. So we're standing along the road watching the floats and people in the parade, and an older man walks up to my husband and me and starts talking to us. I don't like to talk to people I don't know- stranger danger. I was giving him short answers and a forced smile. I then realize that the stranger was the mayor of Dallas. I didn't recognize him without his business suit. I thanked him for coming out to the festival and parade.

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