Saturday, September 26, 2009

I love you, Dairy Queen!

I love Dairy Queen dipped cones. On Friday, I forced my colleagues to go eat a Dairy Queen for lunch. I always have to defend Dairy Queen. They suffer from an image problem because too many of their stores were not updated; my hometown used to call it "Dirty" Queen. Aside, from the fact that some of their stores are too old- they have really good food. Promise!

They have fresh brewed iced tea with the "Sonic" ice. Their burgers are good enough, their steak fingers are tasty too. I enjoy DQ french fries- they are second only to Jack in the Box curly french fries, but the item I enjoy the most is a classic Dairy Queen dipped cone.

What is better than soft served ice cream in a sugar cone dipped in chocolate?

I cannot find a Dairy Queen in Dallas. I called DQ franchise headquarters because I wanted to open a Dairy Queen in Dallas, but they said I'd need at least $700K in net assets before they'd talk to me. Oh. Uh. Well...thank you.

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