Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guests of Honor

My husband's parents' (life long) best friends hosted a dinner party at their spectacular home on Sunday, and we were the guests of honor.  We were celebrating getting legally married back in the fall, because as the host Joe A. said: "it would have been easier trying to get President Obama to two are way too busy."

I'm glad we all found an open spot on our calendar because it was an event.   They served grilled rack of lamb sheep (we don't eat baby lambs, we eat fully grown sheep, right?), company rice, a huge salad and fruit skewers.

They also served Cindy's mother's banana pudding recipe, that has a secret ingredient (Eagle Brand), which makes it one of the best banana puddings I've ever eaten.  And it was a beautiful presentation...
It's nice how far we've come.  At the dinner party we talked about babies, houses, careers, and vacations.  It was no big deal that we were gay.  It was all normal.  At the end they presented us with nice gifts and said congratulations on our marriage! There was so much love at the table.

Life is good.

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  1. That is so beautiful - everything about your post and pictures!