Sunday, February 23, 2014

We've got a lot of BALLS (in the air)

It's Sunday night.  I'm sitting at my computer in our beautiful house.  My husband is in the air headed to a conference in Las Vegas.  We just had the most amazing week, and I don't want to forget it...

  • On Sunday, we became buyers of a house down the street.  Our purchase of the house is contingent on our current house selling
  • On Sunday, we also dropped the dogs off at my husband's parents' house (this fact becomes important in a few more bullets)
  • On Sunday, we also attended a fantastic dinner party in our honor.
  • On Monday, we whipped our house into shape (after work)
  • On Tuesday, my mother came to Dallas to oversee the professional carpet cleaning.  I had lunch with my mother, which is always a treat.
  • On Wednesday, my father accepted a position with his current company in New Mexico.  For perspective, my mother and father have lived in my Texas home town their entire life excluding college and a few years in Houston post-college.  It's a big adventure for all of us, but they are keeping their house in my home town
  • On Wednesday, we had a man down (It was stressful, but my husband's parents are the best)
  • On Thursday we flew to Beaver Creek Colorado for our college friend's wedding
  • On Friday, we skied the mountains
  • On Friday, our beautiful home went on the market in Dallas
  • On Friday, Trigger survived surgery. Three teeth were pulled and the remaining were cleaned. My husband's father has renamed Trigger to Toothless.
  • On Friday, I was promoted at work, and I found out less than ten minutes before it was communicated to the firm.  My email blew up while I was on the mountain.
  • On Friday, we partied with our friends at a snowy mountain wedding. (Note, our college friends are still crazy even though we're all in our thirties)
  • On Saturday, we skied and hung out with college friends...because we love the craziness
  • On Sunday, we reviewed the FOUR offers on our house and accepted one.  It looks like we are moving down the street to the 1994-fixer-upper-time-capsule-house.  
And here we are.  We live life in the fast lane, right?  It was a big, exciting week for us.

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