Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Man Down

Our kids were spending the week at my husband's parents' house, and Trigger woke up yesterday morning with a swollen jaw and eye.  He was rushed to the vet and they discovered he has a messed up tooth.  He's on meds and surgery has been scheduled for Friday to remove the tooth.

Our little man will be 11 years-old this summer, and I hope he bounces back from this ordeal; I'm not posting the current pictures because it's sad to see, but you can tell he is in pain.  Trigger is lucky that he went down while at Papa and Yaya's house because they are such good caretakers.  I'm trying not to think about surgery too much, because I'm worried...I'm glad Yaya and Papa can lead us.

Of course we're sending Trigger lots of love right now.

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