Saturday, June 1, 2013


First, let's get one thing straight.  Matt Damon is a beautiful, brilliant man, and he can do no wrong.  As you know my one "hall pass" issued from my husband can be used on Matt Damon.  What are the chances that Matt Damon's wife has given him a "hall pass" to use on me?  My fingers are crossed.

We watched HBO's Liberace movie last night.  Overall, it's interesting.  At times it's disturbing.  Liberace's great wealth and fame gave him incredible power in his own world.  He didn't have to deal with consequences.  You cannot be a normal person and live a normal life with normal relationships if you live in a consequences-free zone.

In additional, I found it interesting that in the 1960's, 1970's, and early 1980's  Liberace was considered the top entertainer in Las Vegas.  He was a man with a piano and cool costumes.  I doubt Liberace would be that popular today...the times are completely different, right?

The film's message to the audience is simple: First, addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex) are bad for relationships.  Why do so many people struggle with this concept?  It's very simple.  Second, you must define yourself on your own terms.  Matt Damon's character allowed Liberace to define him completely.  It's an impossible existence.      

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