Sunday, June 3, 2012

Two Step

Saturday my husband and I took Missy and Josh to The Round Up, which is the gay country dancing club in Dallas' gayborhood.  Josh grew up in a small town and is a former Texas Tech frat boy, who is currently the executive vice president of a bank in west Texas.  Josh didn't know any gay people before he met us.  Last night was Josh's first time to be in a gay country bar...

Since my husband knows that all small town boys are taught that if someone asks you to dance at a dance it is rude to decline, my husband asked Josh to dance.   Josh did not decline the offer (his mother raised him well) and my husband and Josh two stepped across the dance floor.  It was awesome.  Missy and I couldn't stop laughing and smiling.  It took my husband and Josh one lap around the dance floor before they were in sync, but by the end they looked brilliant.

The first time we met Josh he said "that's gay" as a synonym for "that's stupid" and he referred to dolphins as "gay sharks."  I didn't know why my old college friend Missy would want to marry a guy like that, but last night proves that first impressions aren't entirely accurate.  Josh honestly did not know any better.  (Again, we were the first gay guys he'd ever met.)  Our friendship opened his mind, and he changed.  This weekend he never once used "that's gay" and he even danced with my husband.

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