Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flat Tire

This wasn't a fun surprise to find after our yoga class.  Interestingly enough it is the second time we've had to change a flat tire after yoga.  My husband does most of the flat changing work, and I help where I can.  I hand him things.  I know how to unscrew a lug nut or two.  By the time I find the tire-changing directions in the owner's manual the flat is already changed by my husband.

I would like to thank the tire gods because I didn't have blow-out on the highway.

I would like to also thank the tire gods because my husband was with me when the tire went flat.  (Or should I be thanking the husband gods for that one?)

This flat could not be fixed.  So we bought four new tires.  And shocks.  It hurts when we spend money on my almost 9-year-old 4Runner with 140,000 miles, but tires and shocks are cheaper than a new car.  The tire man said that Toyota 4Runners will not die as long as you keep the oil changed.  He said he sees them with over 200k miles all the time.  Fingers crossed we make it to 200,000 miles, because right now I can't afford the cars I want to drive!

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