Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thunder Up

I was in Oklahoma this week, and any time someone started talking about the Thunder I was secretly hoping they wanted to talk about The Thunder From Down Under instead of OKC's NBA team the Thunder.  (Is that wrong?)

Who knew a sports team was so important to a state?  Everyone in the state was talking about the Thunder's win over the Spurs.  The state was so excited you would have thought Oklahoma discovered the cure for cancer.  The state was so excited it was like everyone won the lottery.  It was a spectacle.  How's the state going to react if the Thunder actually wins the NBA finals?

And I would be so much more interested in basketball if those uniforms weren't so bulky.  We need to get smaller, tighter clothes on those athletes.  Their shorts - can you even call them shorts? - they are enormous amounts of material.

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