Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storm Drama

Let me tell you about last night- so much drama.  First, I have to disclose that I'm still jet lagged and I'm having stomach issue as a result of our travels, which means I'm tired and on drugs.  My husband is out of town on business.  In short, I'm cranky.

The same storm system that flew across my house last night ended up killing 12 people in other states.

I went to bed early, I was cranky, but I got a text from my husband's mother asking about my brother and his girls.  I called my brother and he was in the pantry with his girls.  The tornado sirens were going off in his neighborhood and his pantry is the safest place in his house.  I called my husband's mother and gave her the update, and then I felt guilty that I wasn't taking this storm seriously so I got out of bed.  I got Dooley and Trigger and put blankets in our tiny utility room and tried to sleep.  Then my mother called. Then it started hailing on our house.  Dooley started barking at the sound of hail hitting the house. Them my college roommate's mother called.  Then our AT&T U-verse went out, which means the phone line went out, which sets off our house alarm.  I had to get up to turn off the alarm.  Dooley was still trying to attack the ceiling. Then my college roommate called.  After a bit I gave up and went to bed...

In my next house I'm going to put a bedroom in the basement.

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