Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Cherokee

A few years ago my mother's sister (my aunt) took their parents (my grandparents) to an extended family reunion.  It was one of those big events where the family reunion brings together a wide selection of the family tree.  My aunt commented that several of the cousins looked Native American, and my grandfather replied of course because "grandmama was a half breed."

WHAT?  My grandfather's grandmother was half Cherokee Indian?  I had no idea until three years ago?!  This would have been so cool to have know in 4th grade when we spent six weeks studying Native American tribes.  According to my math, I'm one thirty seconds Cherokee Indian!

My Grandfather's Grandmama - 1/2 Cherokee Indian
My Grandfather's Dad - 1/4 Cherokee Indian
My Grandfather - 1/8 Cherokee Indian
My Mother - 1/16 Cherokee Indian
Me - 1/32 Cherokee Indian!!

When we were in Washington D.C. visiting in the National Museum of the American Indian my husband walked me over to the Cherokee Indian display and looked at me and said; "Honey, these are your people."

It made me laugh.

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  1. I asked my mom once when I was in 6th grade if we were kind to famous Quanah Parker. And she said yes. I told everyone at school the next day. No one believed me. I guess that is good since it wasn't true. When I told her that no one believed me, she told me that she was joking and thought I knew that.