Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Day

I don't read books- too many words. But I love a good book. I used to buy books on tape, and then I bought books on CD, and now I buy books on iTunes. My mother is the queen of the written word. She reads books- too many to remember. And my father and my mother like to read aloud to each other; in the car or in the home my parents will always find time to read together. I think it's mostly my mother reading aloud to my father, but it's a cute little thing they do together.

So my mother and father finished reading One Day by David Nicholls, and my mother and I spent at least thirty minutes on the phone discussing this book, which I have not read. I love it when my mom is so excited to share a new book that she tells me all about it, and we have a book club moment on the phone together.

According to my mother's spoken review, which was the topic of conversation at our spontaneous virtual book club meeting, One Day is a book that we all need to read.

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