Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hooray for the three Oh!

Hooray for me! I have arrived at my thirtieth birthday, ALIVE, AWAKE, ALERT, ENTHUSIASTIC!

Yesterday I received an email from Anne: "So what are you going to do on the last day of your twenties? You should probably try to do something really immature and thoughtless. 'Cause as of tomorrow, you're an adult and there are no more excuses for that kind of behavior." Later in the day Missy sent me this text message: "Last day as twentysomething!! Live it up friend!" Several of the women at my office were giving me a hard time yesterday too- my last day of 29 years old.

According to my friends I'm supposed to be sad about turning 30? I'm supposed to be sad about leaving behind my twenties?

I know I'm in the minority, but I am really excited about turning 30 years old, because I am really excited about having lived another year on earth. I keep thinking about my friends Kent and Andy and Cody who didn't make it to their 30th birthday, which means I feel like the luckiest guy on earth to have lived for 30 years...and I hope to live many more!

However, I will admit that the zero birthdays give us a great chance to pause and reflect on life. Last night my husband and I sat around the living room talking about my first thirty years, and of all the great things in my life (remember it's great to be me) the one thing that gives me the most joy, pleasure, satisfaction, and pride is my relationship with my husband. I love that man so very much!

So, today I'm celebrating my first thirty years of life! I really do feel like I live a charmed life. I have amazing friends, family, and forever man!


  1. Maybe now that you're 30 you can change your passwords from BIG BOY to something else. Happy Birthday ! ! !

  2. That's such a wonderful post. I am so happy for you - you do have a wonderful life, but I don't know which came first, your wonderful life or your wonderful attitude. I hope you always keep this positive perspective. You will. It's so you.
    Great picture by the way.

  3. And another thing, the only boys that play with baby dolls when they are kids are steers and queers. I don't see any horns on you.