Monday, June 28, 2010

Regatta Weekend

We just had a big family weekend with my husband's family. His people are from Lake Nocona, and this weekend was the Lake Nocona Sailboat Regatta. My husband's people are sailors. Damn good sailors.

My husband's uncle and his crew won the race, and my husband's father and his crew (the two of us!) came in second place. Maybe we'd have won if I wasn't on the boat? To be honest, I didn't realize the race had started, and we kept getting farther and farther from the starting line, and I asked why we were going so far out? My husband looked at me, and asked if I was kidding? I was not. He then said that the race had started- five minutes ago. Oh. Well, no one told me. I also struggled a bit because my husband and his father DO NOT use words when they sail. They are always in sync by some unspoken means. I had to remind them I can follow orders, but the orders have to be given with audible English words. So for the rest of the race I responded to things like "boom vang" and "jib" and "we're about to tack." My job was to pull the purple rope, the blue rope, the white rope and the gray rope appropriately.

Sailing with my husband and his father is great fun.

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