Sunday, June 20, 2010


My parents attended a party on Friday night at the home of one of my father's colleagues. My father's colleague and his wife are avid big game hunters. They go to exotic places around the world, buy the hunting permits, and then shoot and kill animals for sport. They DO NOT shoot and kill animals for food. They shoot and kill animals for fun. My mother sent me some photos from the inside of their home where they have many taxidermy animals. Elephant ears, elephant tusk, elephant feet, a giraffe head, a zebra, some big cats, and numerous other birds and smaller animals are displayed around their home.

I will never understand the killing of wild animals for sport. For fun. We are animals too, and it seems like we should honor all living animals, insects, and plants.

It takes a tremendous amount of entitlement to point a gun at an adult elephant roaming the wilderness of Africa and shoot and kill it so you can mount the ears in your living room walls in Texas. It's horrible that they killed a wild elephant so they could make footstools out of elephant feet.

The world will be a better place if we lived in harmony with our fellow animals.

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  1. That photo is badly Photoshopped.

    Also, elephant culling is necessary due to the overpopulation problem in Africa - the conservation program there was so successful that they have bull elephants causing damage to the environment, let alone human establishments.