Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glenda's Pimento Cheese

It's been almost two years since my Glenda died. She was one of my grandmother's best friends; she was like a second mother to my mother; she was my bonus grandmother. Glenda was also an amazing Southern cook: butter or sugar or bacon made everything better. She could bake the best desserts and bread. She could fry the best fish, and her side dishes always played more than a supporting role at mealtime. In the summers at lunch I loved to drink a cold glass of her iced tea and watch her pull endless amounts of food from her refrigerator. It was always a delicious feast.

I was thinking about Glenda this week, and so today I came home after work and made her pimento cheese. Glenda always sliced two thick pieces of bread from one of her homemade loaves, she buttered the sides, toasted the slices on her skillet, loaded each side up with her pimento cheese, and then she placed the two slices together to make the best pimento cheese sandwich. It was always a lovely treat.

Today while eating my pimento cheese sandwich alone in my kitchen I became incredibly grateful that for the first 28 years of my life I had a bonus grandmother...


  1. How greatly I miss her. This post had me crying uncontrollably.
    I don't think I could type up one of my memories yet.
    I'm glad you did.
    It is so grand - so like you - so right - that you have love and appreciation instead of a hole in your heart when you think of Glenda.

    I had to go watch your video of the 2 guys in the below clip to regain some kind of control.

  2. " ...her side dishes always played more than a supporting role at mealtime."
    You have quite a way with words. You should write a book.