Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barr Mansion

Oh No! The Barr Mansion in Austin Texas burned down last night. I have such a strong emotional attachment to that place, and it makes me sad to think that it is destroyed. This was where the husband and I stood in front of our most loved friends and family and publicly proclaimed our love for each other, and we vowed to love and honor each other forever.

For me, our wedding was the closest thing to heaven. That night all the baggage that comes with being gay in a conservative state had vanished. We celebrated our love with the people we love. It was magic.


  1. oh no!.................
    But we still have the memory (& the result) of that evening. It was indeed a magical & spiritual evening; the love you have for each other and the love others have for you two was almost tangible that evening.

  2. It was also the place where the BEST Best Man's speech of all time took place.