Monday, April 12, 2010


Friday night we were having dinner at Cousin Kate & Jason's house. Our other cousins David and Jason were having dinner their too. Kate was putting down Milo, their infant son, in his nursery and at the same time Jason had to leave the house to go pick up our meal. Jason asked Lucy, their 6 year old daughter, if she wanted to go with him, and when she declined he told her to entertain the guests. Lucy turned around and looked at the four men in her house. She ran to the kitchen and proclaimed that she was going to make us "refreshments." We all gathered around the kitchen island as Lucy pulled up her stool and began to make peanut butter and graham crackers for each of us. After we ate our refreshments she put on her ballerina outfit and danced for us. We were very well entertained guests. Lucy is the best.

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