Sunday, April 11, 2010

Great Austin Weekend

We had the best weekend in the city that holds our heart, Austin Texas!


We were on the road southbound 35 by 5:30 AM headed to Austin; I had all day meetings at McCombs School of Business and my husband had client meetings. After our work we went to my husband's cousin's house for drinks, dinner and dessert. It was so much fun hanging out with Kate, Jason, Lucy, Milo, David and Jason. After dinner we toured our friends Scott and Amanda's new/old house off South Congress Ave. where we had more drinks in their beautiful home.


We met up with Naz and Andy for 10:30 AM Juan in a Million brunch. Juan's was packed but the "Don Juan" was our reward after fighting the crowd- it's always worth the fight. We then went to Four Hands wholesale furniture store to look at the collection of interesting furniture, and now I'm dreaming about one of their tables for our breakfast nook. Next, we went to Seton Medical Center to view our friend's photography on display in their hallways- very beautiful works. (And what a brilliant idea to turn hospital hallways into art galleries.) Then we returned to the hotel and put on some gym clothes and walked all the way around Lady Bird Lake. Saturday was a beautiful day, and being out and about in Austin together was heaven. We showered and then went to a cook-out at our friends' house. We hung out next to their pool and told stories until late night. We ended the night with a midnight feast of Magnolia's cafe.


We slept late at the hotel and then met Sherry, Ryan, and Coan at Hula Hut for lunch before we headed northbound 35 back to Dallas.

It was a great weekend, but the best part was that we appreciated it in real time, which is the best kind of fun. We were in Austin, enjoying Austin, and appreciating that we were in Austin enjoying Austin together.


  1. We loved having you here. Please move here. Immediately.

  2. I'm living vicariously through your weekend. Whenever we go to Austin for the weekend, as we are drive into the city on I-35, it feels like we are coming home after being away for a loooong time.

    Austin feels like home, but more suited to us than our real home. Is that good or bad?