Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Cove

I have always felt connected to dolphins. I don't know why, but my heart beams when I see dolphins in the sea or in captivity. It always has. It's a logical connection because they are highly evolved animals and we are highly evolved animals too.

I first learned about The Cove on the night it won the Academy Award for best documentary. It is a documentary film about the capture of and the killing of dolphins in Japan. My heart aches at the subject matter of this film. It just seems terrible that we are doing this to dolphins. Oprah's Earth Day show had a segment with the makers of this film and one of them said that dolphins are the only animal on record to single handed save a human life. It's our turn to save theirs.

I encourage you to be brave and watch this film, The Cove. Also, visit this website: to learn more.

Let's save the world together!

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  1. I saw the clips and interviews on Oprah's Earth Day episode - just heartbreaking. Thanks for posting this. Do you have the Monterey Bay Aquarium app on your iphone? It's so helpful when trying to make sustainable seafood choices.