Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beyond Disturbing

Okay. So. I tried to watch Frontline's The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan but I only made it part of the way through the hour. It is beyond disturbing for me to think about this happening in our world today.

Here's a blurb about the episode:

"PBS's Frontline has posted their latest piece online, and it is both fascinating and horrifying. "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" exposes the horrific practice called Bacha Bazi, in which young Afghan boys are sold to warlords and powerful businessmen to be trained as dancers who perform for male audiences in women's clothing and are then used and traded for sex. The practice is sadly making a comeback in that country."

My head is still in shock that this is happening to children in 2010. I also don't understand how powerful men in Afghanistan with wives and children of their own could keep boys on the side. Doesn't this seem messed up on so many freakin' levels?!

I get angry when children and animals are abused. This makes me very sad for the poor boys who are put into this situation by their families.

However, this practice is in their culture, and how do you change culture as an outsider? Man, we won the DNA lottery when we were born in the U.S.A., because we have the greatest country in the world...and in our country this is illegal.

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