Friday, December 11, 2009

Jam Intervention

Yesterday my husband called me out.

He took my hand. He walked over to the Frigidaire. He opened the door. He asked if I thought having EIGHT open jars of jelly/jam/preserves is a bit excessive?!

The thing is- I like a variety of jelly on my toast in the morning; whereas, my husband only likes Welch's squeezable grape jelly if any jelly at all. After asking that confrontational question the husband BANNED me from opening ANY more jars of jams, jellies, or preserves until I finish AT LEAST one that's already open!!


(Note to self: always scatter the jelly in the fridge. It looks worse when all the jars are grouped.)

I did not inform my husband at the time he was preforming his "jelly intervention" that my mother has complained, for decades, about my father having too many jars of jelly/jam/preserves open in the fridge AND she also has complained, for a few years now, when my father dog-piles her pantry space with unopened jars of jelly/jam/preserves.

Do you think there is a "likes-a-variety-of-flavors-on-toast" gene my father gave me with his Y chromosome?

Could be.

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