Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our love is not a joke.

Today I'm at lunch with five of my colleagues. We had finished our meal when the young yellow-haired hostess walks over to seat two businessmen at the table with four chairs next to us. The two businessmen were wearing top coats. It's cold outside. So the hostess didn't know where the men were sitting or if they were putting down their coats in the empty chairs. She said, as a joke: "do y'all want to sit next to each other? Y'all can hold hands!" and she laughed as she handed the two men their menus.

My whole table heard her joke. A few of them looked at me. I rolled my eyes to show my disapproval.

We left the restaurant. We went back to work.

I wish I'd told the stupid girl hostess that she was laughing at my expense. It was not funny. I want to sit next to my husband when we're out to dinner and it's not a joke- it is love.

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