Thursday, December 3, 2009

60 Years of Love

My grandmother is the beautiful lady in red; my grandfather is the handsome man standing on the right. This photo is circa 1982.

Today is the 60th wedding anniversary for my maternal grandparents. They've been living the happily-ever-after part of life for six decades. It is amazing. They have a beautiful love story.

The Short Version: My grandmother was the daughter of my town's pharmacist; she was the granddaughter of my town's doctor. She graduated high school at age 16, she was advanced, and her parents sent her to Fort Worth to attend Texas Christian University. She was living the good girl life. In walks my grandfather. His daddy was a west Texas cotton farmer. His mother died when he was a young boy. He raised himself. After high school my grandfather worked in the oil fields. One day he was visiting friends and he met my grandmother. They fell in love. They drove to Oklahoma within months of meeting to elope. My grandmother was 17. The judge wouldn't marry her. They drove to the next town and my grandmother had a birthday in route. This judge married the two 18 year old love birds. They kept the marriage a secret.

Once my grandpappy found out that his only daughter was married to a west Texas oil field worker he convinced his son-in-law to attend The University of Texas and become a pharmacist. My grandmother finished her degree at UT, while my grandfather started and finished his degree at UT. Then came my aunt, my mom, and my uncle...and then all those wonderful grandchildren!

Happy anniversary P&C. We love you!

Save-the-date: The husband and I will be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary in May of 2066. We will be 86 years young! Par-tay! (And hopefully by that time Texas will recognize same sex marriages?!)