Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terminal vs. Terminal

Since our email goes to our phones it's easy to reply at a rapid pace. On Friday my mother, brother, husband, and I had an active back and forth reply-all email exchange. After everyone harassed my mother for sending out a reply-all on where they ate lunch her zinger of a response was that she asked if anyone was working today, because it seemed like we were just playing on email. (This was her attempt at humor. (I know, I know...))

I was away from my desk, but when I saw the email come through I replied with an exact update of what I was doing; similar to her exact update on where they ate for lunch. I reported that I was at the Bloomberg terminal and my husband was in the air headed back to Dallas.

Fast forward to after five on Friday, and on the phone my mother starts asking me about the airport, yadda, yadda, yadda. I was confused. "Mom, I'm headed home from work and I'm not at the airport. My husband either uses long term parking or gets a car service." I told her over the phone. She then asked why was I at the airport today? Again, I didn't understand. I had forgotten about my frivolous reply earlier in the day. She then reminds me that I was at the Bloomberg terminal and Kevin was in the air. I started laughing.

You see folks, what we have here is a failure to communicate. I always assume that if I know something, then everyone else must know it too. Today, my mother knows that a Bloomberg terminal has nothing to do with an airport terminal.

It's nice to learn something new every day, don't you agree?

And, btw, both my mother and father recomend eating at La Cubanita for lunch!


  1. Good post, but there is no mention of a "FATTY" in there. Who is "Fatty"?

  2. Well, actually, I had to read your link from Wikipedia to REALLY know what a Bloomberg terminal was.

  3. And BTW, every time I post a comment, it takes me at least two tries to correctly type the code letters - sometimes they have things on them that are not on my keyboard. Other times I can't tell if it is an r then an i or just an n. They are making it way too difficult for my 50-ish year old eyes.