Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Legend Lucy!

My sixteenth birthday present was a Jack Russell Terrier puppy. The fall prior to my 16th birthday my lab, Ginger, had died of old age. She was a great dog, but she lived outside, and this time I wanted a dog small enough that she could live in our house. However, my dad was reared on a dairy farm and he considered dogs animals and animals belong outside. In one of our many schemes, my mother and I drove to Button Top Kennel in Whitesboro, Texas to "look" at some puppies. I still remember putting all the puppies in the lawn, which instantly revealed their personalities. I picked Lucy because she was fearless. When we got back home my dad pretended to be disappointed that we came home with a puppy, but soon my dad and my brother fell in love with her too, and Lucy has been a happy member of our family ever since. I went to college and she stayed with my parents.

My parents have been in Seattle these past 8 days, and Lucy has been staying with us. It's been so much fun to have her around. She is an old dog now. Her legs are stiff. She takes pills. But, she still has that fearless personality, and I really enjoy having her in my house again.

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