Monday, June 29, 2009

Canadian Geese via Texas

In our neighborhood there is a little pond. It is a private little pond with houses on two sides, an enormous bamboo wall on the third side, and a low fences on a small portion of the fourth side. This low fence offers outsiders a glimpse into the happenings of the private little pond and its houses. As I'm taking Trigger on his walks I always stop and take a peak over the low fence to see what's happening.

This spring I noticed two wild Canadian geese swimming around the pond. (I love geese, because they are beautiful and they mate for life- sometimes even two male geese mate for life.) The following month after I first spotted the geese I noticed a grey puff of a bird hanging beneath their feet. Over these past two months from over the low fence I've watched this gosling grow into a geese. I especially like how the parents always keep a focused eye on Trigger when we stop. I appreciate nature because it offers us a fast-forward version of life. They mated, layed an egg, hatched a gosling, raised a gosling, and now I'm sure he'll fly away in search of his mate to start the process all over again...

And life goes on.

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