Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Darling Dooley

Tonight I was in the same room with Dooley for almost two hours, and it was fantastic! I was so excited that I came home and took pictures of my pictures of Dooley and me to post here.

If you think about it, good friends are miracles. Think of all the people you encounter in your life- you meet so many people, but only a few become really good quality lasting friends. It's nice to have a good friend. I feel like I have many. Life is good.


  1. I say forget the friendship and cash the check!

  2. That check is worth quite a lot...

    I love you, Patrick! Spending time with you is like being plugged into a charger - I feel recharged and like the best version of myself after spending time with you.

  3. Dooley -
    Now that was sweet, really sweet.

  4. Can I cuss on here? I'll play it safe and just say "DANG IT!" in all caps.

    I know I typed the clue right and it didn't take it again, TWICE!

    Stupid computers.

    Oh brother - I gotta try again - here I go.....