Saturday, January 9, 2016

Babymoon Number Two

When you're having twins you should get two babymoons, right?  The babymoon concept was new to me, but we're fully embracing it!

We returned from a week of skiing in Deer Valley.  Now that I've had the Deer Valley experience it's going to be a sacrifice to ski on the peasant mountains again.  Ha!  At Deer Valley you don't put on your own ski boots and you don't wait in lines.  They have focused the mountain to host the best ski experience in the world, and it's pretty spectacular.

Here are some observations during our week where we lived like kings!

  • We invested in a private ski lesson for me, which has really improved my technique.  I'm a big fan of ski lessons to improve my skills.  My husband is an Olympic skier; he's been skiing since he was three years old.  I'm just trying to keep up.  (Which is similar to our marriage - it's my husband's world and I'm just trying to keep up!)
  • Not counting us, Deer Valley is a wealthy person's playground.  We were surrounded by a huge international community.  Seriously, most of the people we met were not from the USA.
  • Everyone wears helmets to ski, EXCEPT, the Spanish speaking families do not wear helmets.
  • At breakfast I chuckled when the server had to explain to a group of German men that according to Utah law she could not serve them alcohol at breakfast.
  • Our ski instructor Rob told us the least expensive home in one gated community was around $14M.  Can you imagine the psychological damage you'd incurred if you owned a $14M "starter" home?  Just think the neighbors would come over for drinks and say: "Where's the rest of your house? How do you live in a such a small space? Is this where the help lives?"
  • At dinner one night downtown I heard an elegant lady sitting one table over state to her friends that her house was only 7,000 square feet, which was a big house when they built it 20 years ago although today it's not considered big.  I'm pretty sure she had no idea how that statement sounded to 99% of the world.
  • Fur is back in fashion.  I saw fur everywhere. I did not expect to see fur fashionable, but that's what the wealthy people are wearing nowadays.
  • Our hotel sent us cake (pictured) and champagne when they found out we have twins due in March.  I told you they treated us like kings.
  • Our hotel served the best hot chocolate every afternoon.  I have discovered a love of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.  Somethings I wish I hadn't discovered.
  • Tipping your hotel maid a few bucks everyday is a game changer. 

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  1. I loved hearing all this. I haven't heard the details yet. Love you!