Sunday, January 10, 2016

Snapshots from Deer Valley

Our hotel had a dinning room table that seated nine people on each side and was made from two solid planks of wood.  The table was made from a very tall tree.  I told my husband I have a new goal for a future dinning room.  (He shook his head.)

Who's the man standing behind the fire?  That's my man.  I also enjoyed the large double sided fireplaces inside the hotel.  It's such a nice element when it's freezing cold outside.

Purple Sage was my favorite restaurant in Park City.  Followed by Prime Steak House and Piano Bar as a close second.  At Purple Sage, the meatloaf was sensational - it had so much flavor per bite.  We started the meal with blue cheese fondue and BBQ chicken tamale pancakes, which meant (unfortunately) there was no room in my belly to try their desserts.  I seriously want to book another trip just so we can try their desserts - it's the life of a fat kid.

In one of the ski lodges this is how they get the leg of lamb going in preparation for dinner.  A grill master had these set up in a few of the wood burning fireplaces around the lodge and he would walk by every few minutes and spin the legs so they'd rotate on their strings.  This was all happening during lunch, which meant it was great advertisement for their dinner menu.

This is an action shot - those legs were spinning.

I didn't get the best photo, but I thought this table was too cool.  I loved how unique the base and legs are designed. It's also a large table.  I have a passion for fine furniture, interesting art, and unique cooking.  I wish my passions were more affordable.  I'm so lucky that we've been on interesting trips where I am exposed to furniture, art, and food!


  1. I love being educated by your travels and your passions. I love that table too. Wow. One very large tree is right.

  2. Suggestion - Skip the meatloaf (ugh, meatloaf!) and you have room for dessert!