Monday, January 11, 2016

Clean Windows Kills Birds

I took the above photo through my window to show you how clean I keep it.  I am most relaxed in my home when it is clean and tidy.  I value cleanliness and order within my home.  Lucky for me I have help.  However, clean windows kills birds.  This is the fifth and sixth bird that I know of  to have died trying to fly though our glass windows.

I'm not joking.  It sounds like gun shots or firecrackers when they hit the window.  I now pay attention in hopes of helping the knocked out birds before Dooley (the resident huntress) finishes the wounded bird.  The first time I witnessed this event, Dooley found the victim first, and Dooley ran around the yard with a half alive bird until she snapped the neck.   Dooley growled at me when I took away her prize.  Only one bird has been able to fly away after trying to fly through our windows, and that's because the bird was some type of hawk - it was large.  These little birds never survive.  It makes me sad, really.

We must be kind to all living things.  I suppose I need to stop cleaning my widows?

Yesterday after I heard the now familiar back to back sound I went outside and held these dying birds in my gloved hand as they took their last gasping breaths.  I then placed the recently deceased on an outdoor table because I wanted their flock to know they were gone.

I didn't feel sorry for the chicken I ate tonight at supper.  This is different.  I didn't eat these two birds.  They didn't need to die.  They just got unlucky.  That's life.  Sometimes unfortunate things happen, but at least the rest of flock didn't try to fly through the glass too.


  1. My grandparents put decals on their windows to stop birds from flying into them. They come in different shapes and colors, they have white ones that aren't too noticeable for humans but help the birds some.

  2. Sarah I was going to say the same thing. Sweet lil birds need to slow down!