Sunday, August 2, 2015

Four Weeks

It's official.  We're 4 weeks and one day pregnant as of today.  My husband ended up with two boys and two girls, and I ended up with four boys and one girl; we transferred one of my husband's boys and one of my boys on Friday, July 24.  We are hoping for twins, but we won't know how many boys are in Morgan's belly until the end of August!

Our surrogate, Morgan, was texting us updates once we joyously found out we are officially (blood test verified; beta of 134) pregnant...

Me: I'm still a little scared to get too excited.  Is that normal?  I'm excited, but it's still so early.  Anything can happen.

Morgan: That sounds 100% normal.  Baby/babies and I will keep doing everything we need to do and other than that the rest isn't up to us.  Welcome to parenthood where worrying is your job.

Wait.  No one told me I would worry the rest of my life about my children.  Do you think our parents still worry about us?  Parenthood, here we come...


  1. I know your parents still worry about you. Love you all the time. I get better at worrying the older I get.

  2. you're going to be OUTSTANDING parents!