Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Double Occupancy

We've confirmed our surrogate, Morgan, is carrying our twins in her divine belly.  Once we learned the news it was a joyous moment in the sonogram/ultrasound room at Dr. Kaufmann's offices on Friday afternoon.  We were all cheering.  My mother was crying with happiness, and my father was asking if he was the only person that didn't know what he was looking at on the screen?  I hope my sons get my father's sense of timing with humor.

It was actually exactly how Adam (my friend and father of twins) explained it to me; Adam informed me the discovery of twins in a womb happens immediately.  He remembers being surprised at how fast it all happened.  For us, as soon as Dr. Kaufmann began the procedure I saw a flash of two dark spots on the screen and I heard a gasp from Morgan.  She gasped because she saw twins! While Morgan has had three pregnancies previously, she has never carried twins.

My brother gave us twin figurines.  My husband's mother gave us twin stuffed animals. Morgan gave us twin blankets.  Friday night I couldn't sleep because I started to think of the implications of twins.  Two of everything for the rest of our life?!  Two babies in diapers. Two teenagers. Two undergraduate degrees.  Two graduate degrees.  I guess I won't retire?  Of course we'll also get twice the love...retirement is overrated, I'm certain.

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