Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome to the Family

Who said it best once we announced the arrival of Matt Damon?  Our friend Sherry on Facebook: "You're having twins in a few months.  Why not get a puppy too??"

We had an adventurous weekend.  On Friday we flew out to Washing D.C. where we (romantically) walked over 4 miles around the national mall and surrounding monuments followed by a lovely dinner.  On Saturday we drove approximately an hour outside of town to go pick up our son, Matt Damon.  He's the sweetest little boy.  We kept him awake until we boarded the plane.  He slept most of the flight, but unfortunately he had terrible gas.  He was tooting the entire flight.  Luckily there's plentiful air movement on flights therefore nothing lingered long.

However, when we arrived home (approximately one hour after we landed in Dallas) Damon created an enormous pile in our backyard.  I was shocked at the amount that he created.  If he had performed that act in flight it would have taken down the entire plane.  I feel very lucky our flight was on time and on schedule!

Damon is such a floppy, big eared little boy.

My first bulldog, Martha Fauker, was fully grown around 5 years old when she arrived in our family.  After Martha's passing, a 5 month old Sarah Dooley arrived in our family.  As such, this is the first time I've had a 10 week old puppy.  He's all puppy.

Trigger, who's the sweetest dog within his routine, doesn't like him at all.  However, Trigger didn't like Dooley for the first six months - Trigger's scared, which is why he growls at Damon.  We have to keep them separated unless they are strictly supervised.

Dooley only likes Damon when she's fully rested.  If she's tired, which is often now that Damon has to get up every three hours to pee at night, she doesn't enjoy his puppy-ness.  Why can't we all be happy like a puppy?

Damon is adding lots of joy to our household.  I'm certain Trigger (in six months) and Dooley (in less than six months) will be happy at the new addition to our family.  I really am getting up every three hours to take Damon out (he uses the restroom every time) at night.  Trigger stays in his bed.  Dooley suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out) and so such accompanies us to the backyard.

My goal is to get Damon trained up before the next wave of additions, the twins, arrive in March/April.


  1. I love your evaluation of the dogs' sentiment toward Damon. So cute. And the pictures are great. Damon doesn't look 10 weeks. I can hardly wait to see him (and everyone else at your house.)

  2. PS - Dad said he would call Damon Matt . . . . . . . ... after Matt Dillon. :)