Sunday, April 19, 2015

House Warming

My parents just built a second house in the oil fields of New Mexico.  Some people are lucky enough to have a second house at the beach, on a lake, or in the mountains...but since my father's career has him in the oil plays of New Mexico for the next few years - my parents' second home is a short drive from an oil refinery.  Ha!  My parents are together, which is what matters most...a home is where your heart is...and my parents home is lovely.  To celebrate this occasion, we gave my parents this Paola Navone ceramic vase as a house warming gift.  My taste and my mother's taste are very similar...we love all things blue!  There's not a shade of blue we don't love!

My mother loved the vase, as I knew she would.  I loved the vase too, as I knew I would.  So I bought one for me too.  One for you and one for me! 

My husband says I have a hard time separating NEEDS from WANTS, but in Texas when I walk in my front door and see this fun vase I think of my mother in New Mexico and her fun vase too.  Who doesn't NEED that?

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  1. Oh that's awesome. In addition to liking all things blue, I think we are similar in buying something we like so much for someone else, that we go back and buy it for ourselves . . . or if I can't find it, sometimes I change what the gift is going to be.. . . . because the recipient probably wouldn't appreciate it as much as me, right? (Unless you are the recipient.) Also your vase looks small beside the Buddha or maybe it's the camera angle. . . . . Awh, you're so sweet.