Monday, April 6, 2015

Lone Iris

On Good Friday I recharged myself by spending most of the day outside in our yard: digging, planting, trimming, weeding,  and enjoying the beautiful day.  I decided to remove some ground cover in our circle drive because I wanted to plant some irises; however at the nursery they only had one iris, a crowned head tall bearded iris, which cost $11.   I thought that was expensive for the most beautiful and most under appreciated flowering perennial, which was at least not undervalued at $11!  I planted the beauty.
My husband came home and said, "Your iris looks nice.  I wish I could say 'your irises look nice', but you've only got one."

I thought that was funny.

The next day we happened to be in my hometown where my grandfather encouraged me to dig up as many plants as I wanted from a patch of purple irises that my great grandmother had planted in the 1940's.  I did.

Now I have irises.

Now I'm waiting for my husband to come home and tell me my irises look nice.

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