Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oh Rats

When the weather is nice, I love working in our yard.  As you know, we live in east Dallas, which is supposed to be the city...but it feels like the frontier.  We have rats!  I'm okay with one rat wanting to retire in our backyard, but my husband informed me that there is never just one rat - there's always more.  I ignored him for a week.  However....

This weekend I felt like the final scene in the Thomas Crown Affair  where the man in the bowler hat appeared everywhere in the museum...I kept catching glimpses of rats in every corner of our backyard.  Plus, our neighbors informed us that they have at least one rat in their attic.  Yikes!

The rats are living in the railroad ties between our houses.  So unfortunately, we've had to set out rat poison to ensure we get rid of the rats.  I don't like killing animals for no reason - but I don't want rats in our attic too!

And yes, things have gotten awkward between us and our little beasts...

Trigger and Dooley, why can't you keep our backyard rat free?  This is embarrassing.


  1. You are so funny and I am right there with you. I love being reminded of The Thomas Crown Affair . . . and that fit perfectly with your post. . . . .
    Here's hoping that the rats eat the poison and then did on the street near the curb where the city will pick them up....???

  2. Time to start feeding stray cats! Eeks!