Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tiffany's and Babies

Recently Tiffany's ran this advertisement featuring a gay couple.  This makes me happy to see ads with gay couples out in the real world and not just in the gay side of the world.  I think my husband should support Tiffany's and buy me some (read: lots) of diamonds from Tiffany's!

Not so recently, I asked my husband if I would ever get my big diamond ring.  See this post from 2012. And he informed me that the moment he bought me a diamond ring I would want something else.  He claims I always have something expensive I "need".  He also questioned if expensive gifts would make me happier.  (Such a logical question.)

Right now the very expensive thing I (we) need is(are) baby(ies) and so that's where our cash is going.  I'm certain raising children of our own will make us happier.

Last night, I was talking on the phone with my father, and I realized if we have babies today and they get married at age 30, then my parents will be in there nineties.  Yikes!  I encouraged my father and mother to go work out more.   We need to hurry up!


  1. This is nice, very nice.

  2. Plus, you have wanted diamonds for a long time. Tell husband that they will indeed make you happy, after the first priority of babies. :)