Monday, September 15, 2014

Wedding Weekend

This weekend, my husband and I drove down to a rainy Austin, Texas to attend the wedding of one of my champion colleagues.   The wedding was lovely.  They looked really happy.  When I attend church weddings I'm always extremely curious what's going through all the women's minds when the priest reminds the wedding guests that according to the Bible God created woman FOR man?  By design that seems like a self serving point of view, since men wrote the Bible.  I could be over thinking this, but it seems like mind control to state you (woman) were created for me (man).  Why did women still accept that point of view?

I'm curious.  I'm not trying to offend anyone's religion.  I'm not a religious person and I'm always shocked when that part of the Bible is quoted.

It was a quick trip: down on Saturday and back on Sunday.  Our kids (Trigger and Dooley) spent the night with my husband's parents.  My husband's parents do not have any grandchildren living in our state, which means they are always willing to help take care of our dogs and they are also always willing to encourage us to hurry up and give them more grandchildren.

I've been waiting for our life to slow down before we have kids...

When do you think our life will slow down?

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