Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Very Dooley Weekend

The woman whom our daughter is named after - Sarah Dooley - lives in The Heights area of Houston, Texas.  Recently I became aware that she is getting serious with a gentleman from California, which made me realize that my Dooley might not always live at the end of I-45.  After a very busy week (aren't they all?) we jumped in the car and headed to Houston for 36 hours with Dooley.  First, we wanted to meet the man that holds Dooley's attention, and second I wanted to SEE my friend.  I count Dooley as one of my favorite friends, but we are only in the same room a few times each year.

I knew it was going to be a great weekend, when our midnight arrival was greeted with fruit and cheese...
...and a hot out of the oven pound cake.  Dooley knows I love pound cake, and her recipe is delicious.  The cake had a nice crispy crumb top with the bouncy buttery vanilla-y center cake that is so spectacular.  Yes, I ate half of the cake...
Dooley is a foodie.  So we did a lot of cooking and eating together.  The best moments take place in the kitchen, right?  

On Saturday Dooley whipped up corn cakes, fried eggs, bacon, and an avocado lemon sauce to top it off.  
We needed energy for our Houston adventure.  We left Dooley's gentleman caller at the house to watch college football.  We had more important things to do than to watch college football. We crashed an artist's studio to see giant Presidential busts.  I want all these bust to be lined up in a public park.  
The much younger looking Bill Clinton is on the right of the above photo.  If all these Presidential busts were lined up together, then I think it would point out the ridiculousness that up until Obama we only had white men leading the country...and still no female has been elected to the highest office.  When will a female President be elected?  Are only white men qualified to lead?  No.  Of course not.
After hanging out with the Presidents.  We went on a shopping tour of Houston.  Houston is a great place to shop.  They have tons of concept stores and unique boutiques.

We stopped for a sushi lunch.
We got caught in the rain.  

We shopped through the rain.  

We went back to the house and napped until college football was over. 

After nap time, we created a Mexican fiesta feast to end the Saturday.

Sunday morning we snucked out of the house and headed back to Dallas.  It was a lovely weekend with my husband and friends.


  1. Lovely, as usual. <3

  2. Thank you so much for coming! You two light up my life. I'm so glad I was able to introduce three important men in my life to each other.