Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Potato Salad Love

My husband wanted to fire up the grill on Labor Day.  I supported that decision.  We're American.

I decided that I needed potato salad.  My husband does not like potato salad, and I've never made potato salad previously; so I made four pounds of potato salad for one.  I've watched the Barefoot Contessa create the dish, and so I thought about the flavors I enjoyed in potato salad and I went to work.  I let me taste buds lead the way...

I boiled potatoes in salt, and sliced them once.  I always keep the skin on my potatoes.  I like the texture and the extra nutrients.

I chopped pickles and sweet peppers and a few pickled jalapenos. I thought it'd be joyful to get a kick in a bite from a few jalapenos mixed into the salad.  Not too many, just a few...

I thinned mayonnaise with vinegar and some pickle juice. I don't like globs of mayonnaise, which is why I thinned it a bit.  Plus I added salt in the mayo mixture. The potatoes were still hot when I added the thinned mayo mixture, and I did this because I remember the Barefoot Contessa doing it, but I don't know the reason why....this is my first time in the potato salad game.

I mixed the mayo and potatoes.  Then I chopped chives, dill, celery, and tossed it in.

My potato salad has lots of hard boiled eggs.

I added tons of course ground pepper and maybe a little bit more salt.

I created the best potato salad, and I didn't follow a recipe, which means it might be hard for me to recreate!  Follow your taste buds.  I wish I had a mouth in my house that could celebrate this kitchen achievement.  My husband's reaction: "There are a lot of things in potato salad that I do not like."


  1. Interesting, informative, well-written post - then ends with laughter! Great job - writing and cooking and comic relief from your husband (even if that wasn't his intention.) PS - I wish I was at your house! YUM.

  2. PS (Again) I am betting you put the mix mayo while potatoes are still warm because it makes the mayo mix easier; thins it a bit. . . . I loved the way you thinned the mayo with pickle juice and vinegar - I would not think to do that. I would add some mustard. I like your idea better. Question - What are sweet peppers? Are they fresh?